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We Are MefightClub

We Are A Friendly People. We Play Games.

Per Rotato Etcetera Etcetera

Welcome to MefightClub

Congratulations, friend! Sit down, put your feet up, pour yourself a delicious adult beverage. Or a non-adult beverage. We're not here to judge, either way. Let the cares of your busy day fall away. You're at MefightClub now, and it's all going to be OK. We're here to help.

'What' is a question you might reasonably ask. Perhaps also 'where'. Maybe even 'why'. These are good and important questions, and part of our dedication to serving you, friend, is to answer them. (that's where you are now) is the hub of the Mefight Club network of gaming sites. See how that works?

Hey Look At These Things!

They are the MefightClub Things.

  • MefightClub

    The birthplace of rotato.

  • Gamefilter

    Link it, damn your beautiful eyes!

  • Levels Of Detail

    Drinking, shooting, writing, rotating.

  • Ludic Research Labs

    Those bastards.

  • MefightClub

    Per Rotato Ad Astra.


Why MefightClub Is Even A Thing

A manifesto, of sorts, but let's not dignify it quite that much, because.

Support MefightClub

We all need a little validation sometimes.

MefightClub is funded through the generous donations of its members.

Running the MFC Network takes time and costs money, and we currently do not run any advertising to help defray costs. Defray. Defray defray. That word sounds weird if you say it enough times.

Anyway. If you'd like to help support the community and the admin who runs it (that's me -- stavrosthewonderchicken!), then please consider a small recurring donation via Patreon or Tugboat Yards or a one-time tip via Paypal. Contributing to the health of the community by participating is the first and most important way to help us grow and thrive and have the happy, but cash is also appreciated! I'm not making potato salad or anything, I know, but I do my best.

Donate via Patreon Donate via TugboatYards Why Donate?

MefightClub and its associated websites are a labor of love. It's a damned good feeling to build a place where people can come together and have fun.

If you're not an MFC member yet, and all that stuff upstream there on the page makes you think you might like to be, I encourage you to join us. The door is always open -- it's not ajar, but it is unlocked. If you're already a member, know that I love you, and I thank you for being part of the community.

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